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Laura Lorenzen

Laura Lorenzen is a senior consultant with Quotidian Group, a leadership development firm specializing in the development of Fortune 500 executives. Laura partners with senior executives and their teams to address the unique challenges they face leading hyper-growth companies.

After spending a decade as an HR executive at Capital One, Laura knows how to help clients address both developmental and strategic business challenges, recognizing that working to build self-awareness helps individuals and teams perform more effectively.

Assimilating gathered data, Laura quickly assesses a client’s needs and zeroes in on how to help them most effectively. Taking the approach that simple, but not easy, daily change effects the most growth, Laura guides her clients to transformational results.

Laura has coached executives one-on-one, as well as leadership teams at Capital One, helping them increase their leverage, both personally and professionally. Laura has worked extensively with groups at NYLife, bringing their individual potential fully to life.

Laura holds a Master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of South Florida.

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