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John Ficken, PhD, is the founder of Quotidian Group, an executive development firm designed to help talented, dedicated, driven individuals excel as leaders and thrive as people. Having studied clinical psychology before his 20 years in the trenches helping executives, John understands the limitations of one-and-done training for development. Because our mission is the enduring implementation of our ideas, our sessions are designed as engaging and entertaining group coaching sessions with pre-work, thought provoking content, immediately beneficial practices, and mechanisms to sustain momentum.

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Did you ever why you do “stupid” stuff – those annoying engrained habits that you perpetuate even though you’re fully aware they don’t serve you? Spend 90 minutes with John Ficken, PhD, founder of the executive development firm, Quotidian Group, learning the essence of what is really driving your known bad habits. Then apply those learnings to embed one thing, yes, just one thing, that will override that habit to make your life simpler, liberate time and increase focus.

All of us have the ability to live bolder, brighter and better lives. But seeing those possibilities is deceptively difficult because we live in Maslow’s Basement, swirling in threat mode and doing what we can to survive the demands of the day. In 90 short entertaining minutes with John Ficken, PhD, of Q Group, learn that no one tests out of physiology. Learn simple, often counterintuitive steps each of us can put in play every day to see the endless possibilities at the top of Maslow’s House.

Our lives are becoming insane. We are over-scheduled, reactive, distracted, and never really “off duty,” either at work or at home. What’s going on here, and what can we do about it? Join John Ficken, PhD, CEO of Quotidian Group, as he brings you through a thought provoking, highly interactive session on how to notice the insanity in your life. Then learn ways to establish simple daily practices to help you run your life (instead of life running you).

There is no such thing as a strength. Or a weakness. There is only power. Any strength over or underused loses power. Any strength amplified, leveraged, parlayed, nurtured, gains power. And if you want to prosper in this chaotic new digital era, If you want to thrive at home, if you want to realize your dreams, you need to understand power. How to nurture it, multiply it, and parlay it. In this era of constant change, no skill is more important. That's exactly what you’ll learn in the 90 minutes with John Ficken.

One of my clients once admitted “I love leadership, except for the people part.”

Do you find yourself thinking...

I can never pull myself out of a bad mood
I cannot accept change
I feel guilty spending time on myself
I never give the things that matter to me 100%
I never feel challenged
I never feel engaged in the work I do

If you find yourself agreeing with any of these statements we might be for you.

Are We for You?