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Executive Teams

What You Get

  • Deep understanding of the reputation of the team, the perceived value it brings to the organization, and articulation of what the group already does well
  • Clarity about the types of business and organizational challenges it could tackle far more effectively by operating more cohesively
  • A progression of powerful team experiences that help the team coalesce, deepen trust, demonstrate the value of team cohesion, and most importantly, drive big business results
  • Increased effectiveness of each participant as an individual leader and in their role as a team member
  • Tools for quickly assimilating new members
  • A formal process for cascading all learnings deep into the organization

What Our Clients Have To Say

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How we get there

  • Verbatim interviews with team members, a representative sample one layer down, and key customers and stakeholders
  • A proprietary team effectiveness survey that establishes baseline effectiveness and tracks progress over time
  • Articulation of the clear goals that will be accomplished by the team along with tangible metrics to ensure progress
  • A series of meetings that cover vital concepts on team effectiveness and then apply the concepts to live organization challenges
  • Tools to ensure that the principles continue to be applied to all team meetings and interactions
  • Formal mechanisms to quickly assimilate new team members and cascade all learnings deep into the organization

What we’ve learned the hard way

At the top of nearly every executive’s development plan is the phrase “build a high performing team.” Yet getting a bunch of really smart, independent, and driven individuals to create something collectively is deceptively difficult. More often so-called “teaming” creates a dynamic in which the leader of the team is the glue and the members optimize not for the collective good but for their individual functions. Breaking this frequent but suboptimal pattern requires deep understanding of what untapped strengths of the team paired with a progression of experiences that allow the team to tackle increasingly complex and powerful organization challenges. No team leaps forward by attending a single team building event. We emphasize institutionalizing the team interaction model into all interactions team members have with each other and their teams. 

Do you find yourself thinking...

We would be more effective if my team members trusted each other more
It's hard for our group to stay strategic
We spend a lot of time in meetings, but I'm not sure what comes of them
I'm not sure how to leverage the diverse backgrounds and perspectives on the team
Our team struggles with leading our organization through change
It's not clear what we should be focused on as a team vs. as individuals

If you find yourself agreeing with any of these statements we might be for you.

Are We for You?