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Who We Serve

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What You Get

  • An opportunity to step back from the endless torrent of stress, busyness, and demands so you can understand your core strengths and limitations, and chart a new course focused on what truly matters to you
  • Advice from Quotidian’s leadership experts to create a powerful, shared development experience
  • Understanding of the universal challenges that we all experience but avoid discussing with each other at work
  • Progression of shared experiences and practices that release increasing potential in each participant both at home and at work
  • A way to tangibly demonstrate your organization’s investment in people
  • A unified, organization-wide language and methodology for accelerating personal and professional development at all levels

What Our Clients Have To Say

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How we get there

There is something especially powerful about learning with your peers. Our customized cohort coaching sessions offer a rare opportunity to share ideas and experiences, bond, build mutual accountability and a cohesive support system.

This is not your typical one-and-done training; it’s a customized progression of cohort coaching sessions in which the key concepts are explored in the session but the true learning takes place as the most-helpful mindshifts and daily practices are applied between sessions.

  • Development of your organization’s unique definition of leadership
  • Custom sequencing of content that directly ties to your organization's challenges and mission
  • Senior level buy in and open communication to the organization
  • Delivery to first group
  • Feedback loop, refinement
  • Broader roll out to the organization
  • Enrollment, communications, excitement, senior message
  • Upfront [verbatim] feedback and pre-work 
  • Thought provoking assessments
  • Delivery of customized session content
  • Robust and entertaining ideas, lots of group interaction and reflection, concrete ways to apply learnings
  • Weekly interstitial emails
  • Access to coaches with questions, comments etc
  • Materials such as QCards® that keep the key sessions alive every day

Do you find yourself thinking...

My interactions with people seem to be transactional vs. deep
I don't have much energy at the end of the day
I too often swirl on things outside of my control
It's hard to focus on the things that really matter at work and home
I would love to spend more time just for myself
I wish I was able to get through more things on my to-do list

If you find yourself agreeing with any of these statements we might be for you.

Are We for You?