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In a world seemingly designed to keep us distracted, reactive, and stressed, we teach our clients a system of immediately beneficial practices they can put into play every day to help them live bolder, brighter and better lives.

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We’re experts in the psychology of change. Our team’s extensive background in psychology and organizational development enables us to know what works and what doesn’t—and most leadership development simply doesn’t. We know that for any new skill to take hold, to really “stick”, it has to be important to you and practiced daily. That’s why our organization is called Quotidian, Latin for “every day.”

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John Ficken, PhD

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Randi Birk, PsyD

Senior Consultant
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Sarah Bridges, PhD

Senior Consultant
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Laura Lorenzen

Senior Consultant
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Katie Opack

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Heather Wray-Isquierdo

Senior Consultant

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